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Lamp Tray 1/3


Lamp Tray 1/3


Cargo Cart 1.0

Application field:

Lighting, Audio


1 x Lamp Tray 1/3

Dimensionen W/H/D:

1140 x 50 x 370mm





The Lamp Tray 1/3 is an accessory for the Cargo Cart 1.0. For assembling the Lamp Tray 1/3 you don’t need tools. To use the Lamp Tray 1/3, you only have to push him on one of the four mounting rails in the Cargo Cart 1.0. On each mounting rail fit two Lamp Tray 1/2.

With the Lamp Tray 1/3 you can easily pack and transport your headlights or speakers, including assembled accessories like multi-terminal or safety in the Cargo Cart 1.0. Headlights or speakers are assembled directly on the Lamp Tray 1/3 and are therefore ready for immediate use upon arrival at the site. In Cargo Cart 1.0 more Lamp Tray 1/3 can be arranged on four levels and combined with other accessories.