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Front Cover 1/2


Front Cover 1/2


Cargo Cart 1.0

Application field:

Basic part for Cargo Cart 1.0


1 x Front Cover 1/2

Dimensionen W/H/D:

570 x 1215 x 15mm




Dark brown

The Front Cover 1/2 is a base part for Cargo Cart 1.0 and is always included in duplicate in the delivery of the Cargo Cart 1.0. To assemble the Front Cover 1/2 you don’t need tools.

The Front Cover 1/2 works as protection and locking of the Cargo Cart 1.0. After loading the cargo Cart 1.0 you can hang the front cover 1/2 easily into the guide rails of the frame. For easy assembling in the center of the front cover 1/2 is a handle. Two Front Cover 1/2 next to each other close the Cargo Cart on one side and protect the load against damage.