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What is the average delivery time for Cargo Carts?

In general your order of assortment items will be delivered within 10-14 working days. The delivery time differs for custom-made orders or orders of cargo carts as well as accessories with branding. Please contact us for further information about delivery times of individual products and brandings.

Is Cargo Cart „Made in Germany“?

Yes, Cargo Cart is developed and assembled in Germany. We just receive a few components for further processing from the surrounding European countries.

Does Cargo Cart also offer individual transport solutions? 

Yes, we are very pleased to produce Cargo Cart solutions as well as accessories according to your special requirements. Please contact us.

Is there an official Cargo Cart Sales?

Because of the growing demand for our products, we have set up an official sales department for our Cargo Carts. You can accomplish us here: office@cargocart.com

Can I visit the production of Cargo Cart? 

Yes, you can arrange an appointment with us to visit us and we will give you an insight into our production. We like to guide you through our company.

Can I test Cargo Cart without obligation?

We offer you a Cargo Cart Rental Service with which you can borrow Cargo Carts to test them without obligation or to expand your inventory temporary. On this way you can convince yourself that Cargo Cart is the right solution for you before buying it.

My Cargo Cart requires a service. What can I do? 

If your Cargo Cart requires a service, please feel free to contact us. We’ll make an appointment with you so you can bring us your Cargo Cart.

I have a problem with my Cargo Cart, what can I do?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have problems with your Cargo Cart. We can help you with almost all problems.

Can I also personalize Cargo Cart products? 

Yes, we are happy to offer you a Cargo Cart with a desired company logo. Just ask us and we’ll make it happen.

Does Cargo Cart deliver to countries outside of Germany

Yes, we also deliver Cargo Carts outside of Germany. We want to improve the logistics all around the world, so we offer you a delivery worldwide.

Are Cargo Carts protected against external influences?

Cargo Carts are perfect for a production , because they are splash water and dirt protected. With the Dust & Raincover your CargoCart is even better protected and can also be used as a temporary external storage in case of strong weather.

Will there be problems, when I switch my logistic system to Cargo Carts?

No, Cargo Carts are used by more and more companies and we get a lot of positive feedback. People are quickly convinced, because they immediately realize the enormous cost and time savings through of cargo carts.

Does a Cargo Cart provide optical benefits?

The simple design makes Cargo Carts look good and uniform. This also looks very professionally and neatly, because you have a uniform appearance.

What are the benefits of a Cargo Cart during productions?

Due to the uniform dimensions of your Cargo Carts, you can always place them quickly and easily so that they are not in the way around and are always easy to reach. Compared to a solution with many different flightcases, you always have your materials together and do not waste your time searching for your equipment.

How much more fits into a Cargo Cart?

Compared to a standard Flightcase solution, a Cargo Cart offers you a 2.8-fold load volume.

What are the benefits of loading?

In terms of occupational health and safety, Cargo Cart offers you a head start: no taps, no lifting of loads. In addition, no loading master is required, since the arrangement of the cargo carts is automatically generated, which means that fewer personnel are required.

Can I find Cargo Cart on Facebook?

Yes, for some time Cargo Cart is also at Facebook . We will always keep you up to date and we will tell you about the latest happenings in the Cargo Cart World. Visit us and give us your “Like”. We are looking forward to your visit .