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Cargo Cart Mission

Where do you come from?

It’s the year 2002. Two terrible dictators rule the logistics in event technology and at trade fairs. Their name: Flight case and pallet. However, a small elite for event technology and exhibitions from Werne, a village on the edge of the Ruhr area, resists. Standstill and monopoly? No thanks! The foundation for the logistics system Cargo Cart is placed. Eight years later the Patent Office in Munich ceremoniously accepted the Declaration of Independence. The first colonies are formed and Cargo Cart is on the rise against the logistics establishment.

Who says that you are better?

Let’s be honest: Logistics doesn't win any awards, doesn’t look good, costs a lot of money and it often stands in the way at productions. In short: Nearly nobody likes them, but we can’t live without it. We like and master logistics and know what it’s about: To act invisible, but to still be there. Cargo Cart makes logistics effective, easy and quick, to create more time for fun activities: Playing Tetris or reading The Sun for example.

And what is it when it's done?

When we are done, even the last pallet was converted into a hip coffee table and the last flight case gathering dust in the museum. Until then, we continue to work with Cargo Cart, to deliver the most effective, fastest and easiest logistics system on the market which can be used for event technology and trade fair construction.