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Cargo Cart 4.0


Cargo Cart 4.0


Event technology

Application Field:

Lighting, Audio


1 x Cargo Cart 4.0
2 x Front / Back Cover
1 x Shelf Unit

Dimensions W/H/D:

1200 x 725 x 800mm



Farbe: Schwarz / dunkelbraun

Imagine, you would play Tetris with just equally large, square stones. Wouldn’t life be simple? Cargo carts have a uniform outer dimension and are therefore as easy to handle as a square Tetris block. A flexible interior design and the method of construction make Cargo Cart a highly adaptable system.

The Cargo Cart 4.0 is the second closed system type from Cargo Cart and is ideally suited for the packaging, storaging and the transportation of event technology. Whether rigging material, loudspeakers, headlights, system cabling or media technology - you can quickly adapt the modular interior to your particular application.

All accessories can be mounted without tools on the mounting rails on two different levels in the Cargo Cart. The Cargo Cart 4.0 can be opened on both sides. Another special feature of the Cargo Cart 4.0 is the load from above. If you need to go fast, you can easily remove the lid and load the Cart from the top. No tools are required for opening. Thanks to the integrated recesses for accommodating rollers on the top plate, you can easily stack several cargo carts on top of each other, making optimum use of the cargo and storage space. The Cargo Cart 4.0 can be freely combined with all other Cargo Carts.