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Cargo Cart 3.0


Cargo Cart 3.0


Fair- and Event

Application field:

Fair equipment, furniture, stage building


1 x Cargo Cart 3.0
1x Connection Kit
2x Bracket
4 x Clips

Dimensions W/H/D:

1200 x 1450 x 800mm



Color: Schwarz / dunkelbraun

Imagine, you would play Tetris with just equally large, square stones. Wouldn’t life be simple? Cargo Carts have a uniform outer dimension and are therefore as easy to handle as a square Tetris block. A flexible interior design and the method of construction make Cargo Cart a highly adaptable system.

The Cargo Cart 3.0 is the open system type Cargo Cart and is ideal for packaging, storage and transportation of exhibition and event building material. Always rollable and well protected by the steel frame your material arrives fast and intact where you need it. Because of the open body, material with extra length can easily be transported. A special feature of the Cargo Cart 3.0: To accommodate long loads two or more Cargo Cart 3.0 can be coupled with the included Connection Kit. The Cargo Cart 3.0 can also be stacked and can be freely combined with every other Cargo Cart.