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Now Available: Cargo Cart 3.0 & 4.0

The time has finally come: Cargo Cart is expanding its product range and now offers two new types. With Cargo Cart 3.0 & Cargo Cart 4.0 is now even more flexible and easier. In order to keep the complexity of our system to a minimum, the new types can still be freely combined with the old ones.

The Cargo Cart 3.0 comes completely after the 2.0. There is another open Cargo Cart version where the length and width have been swapped.

In order to transport particularly wide materials in excess length we have turned our Cargo Cart. Like the 2.0, the Cargo Cart 3.0 can be easily connected to the Connection Kit to transport even larger materials.

The Cargo Cart 4.0 is the second closed Cargo Cart type. Two stacked Cargo Cart 4.0 have the same height as a Cargo Cart 1.0.

In the development of the Cargo Cart, it was particularly important for us to be able to offer a slightly smaller version. To be able to load the Cargo Cart in a particularly flexible and easy way, it can be loaded both from the side and from above.