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Cable Tray 2pole


Cable Tray 2pole


Cargo Cart 1.0

Application field:

Heavy and long cables, such as power cables . 


1 x Cable Tray 2pole

Dimensionen W/H/D:

1140 x 30 x 750mm





The Cable Tray 2pole is an accessory for the Cargo Cart 1.0. To assemble the Cable Tray 2pole you don’t need tools. To use the Cable Tray 2pole, you only have to push it on one of the four mounting rails in the Cargo Cart 1.0.

With the Cable Tray 2pole you can easily pack cables in the Cargo Cart 1.0. The Cable Tray 2pole has two metal bars for receiving cables. For the transport the cables are pushed on one of the metal rods to remain always sorted even during the transport. In Cargo Cart 1.0 several Cable Tray 2pole can be arranged on four levels and combined with other accessories.