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Box 1/4 1HE

Product: Box 1/4 2HE
Specialized: Cargo Cart 1.0
Application field: Lighting, Rigging-, Audio- or Video equipment
Included: 1 x Box 1/4 2HE
Dimensions W/H/D: 270 x 310 x 740mm
Weight: 7kg
Color: Dark brown

The Box 1/4 2HE is an accessory for the Cargo Cart 1.0. To assemble the Box 1/4 2HE you don’t need tools. To use the Box 1/4 2HE on a different level as the ground level, you need an additional Shelf Unit. You can position four Boxes 1/4 2HE adjacently in the Cargo Cart 1.0.

With the Box 1/4 2HE you can store accessories, small speakers or headlights quickly and safely in the cargo Cart 1.0. The Box 1/4 2HE can be freely combined with other box variants and can easily be adjusted to your individual applications. For more protection the Box 1/4 2HE can be provided with an individual foam insert, so even very sensitive materials arrive safely at their destination.

An individual removal and installation according to your wishes is possible on request. The same applies to a branding with eg. Company name and/or address.