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Back Cover 1/1


Back Cover 1/1


Cargo Cart 1.0

Application field:

Basic part of Cargo Cart 1.0


1 x Back Cover 1/1

Dimensionen W/H/D:

1140 x 1215 x 15mm




Dark brown

The Back Cover is a base part for Cargo Cart 1.0 and is always included in the delivery of the Cargo Cart 1.0. To assemble the Back Cover you don’t need tools.

The Back Cover works as protection and locking of the cargo Cart 1.0. After loading the Cargo Cart 1.0 you can simply hook the Back Cover into the guide rails in the frame. Two handles are located in the Back Cover for easy assembleing. The Back Cover closes the Cargo Cart on one side and protects the load against damage.

An individual branding with eg. company logo, name and / or address is available on request.